Nail Enhancements

Color Tips (extra)  

Solar Pink Fill Only  

Gel Polish  


Full Set



Crystal Gel  

Color Powder  

Liquid Gel  

Dipping Powder  

Solar Pink & White  

Fill In



Crystal Gel  

Color Powder  

Liquid Gel  

Dipping Powder  

Solar Pink & White  

Additional Services

Cut Down  

Nail Repair (starting price)  

Nail Art Designs (starting price)  

French/ American/ Color Tips (extra)  

Nails Polish Change  

Nails Polish Change French  

Toe Nails Polish Change  

Toes Nails Polish Change French  

Nail Take Off Only  

Nail Take Off & Re-do (extra & Starting price)  

Gel Polish

(Shellac, Gelish, OPI, Orly,...)

Manicure & Gel Polish  

Gel Polish  

Take Off & Gel Polish  

Toes Gel Polish  

Little Princess

(Ages 8 and younger)

Nails Polish Change  

Toe Nails Polish Change  


Spa Pedicure  

Manicure & Spa Pedicure  

Natural Nail Treatments for Men & Women

Regular Manicure  

All regular manicures consist of nails shaping, cuticles grooming and creating healthier nail growth. A relaxing massage is included with your choice of regular nail polishing.

Deluxe Manicure  

A sea scrub manicure is included plus a treatment concentrating on the palms of the hand. Relief begins with a tingting, cooling hand mask wrapped in warm, hot towels to work their magic. Enjoy a moisturizing massage with your choice of Creative lotion to make skin radiant.

Spa Pedicures

Pearl Pedicure  

Finelly milled powder from quality freshwater pearls, pearl powder is naturally compatible with the skin and body. First, we soak the feet in pearl, which is both relaxing and improves texture. Second, the pearl moisturizing cleanser is used especially for spa pedicure preparation. Third, pearl sugar scrubs effectively buffs away dry skin and surface cells to reveal fresher, more vibrant skin underneath. Fourth, pearl mask, hot rocks, mineral oil massage, and paraffin wax smoothes, softens, and de-stresses rough, tired feet. Finally, white mineral oil lotion will be applied to relieve dryness from heel to toe.

Jelly Pedicure  

Our Signature Pedicure is the only pedicure in town that is truly a unique spa experience. All spa pedicure treatments include a jelly bath salt that helps soften your heel to remove callus. There are two components to our pedicure: first, the warm transforms into a translucent, fluffy jelly, which will retain its heat up to 4x longer than regular water; secondly, hot rocks are used to release any stress & aching of muscles through a warm, ultra-moisturizing mask applied following by a hydrating hot towel wrapped around both legs. To complete a ritual finish, both feet are dipped into our amazing paraffin wax.

Herbal Spa Pedi  

Our signature pedicure is the only pedicure in town that is truly a unique spa experience. Experience a botanical escape with a soothing herbal soak followed by gentle exfoliation with a scrub gel. The soothing mask is applied and legs are massaged with herbal oil. Finally, the lotion is lathered to hydrate legs. From beginning to end, you pick the type of stimulating herb (i.e. stress relief, migraine relief, congestion relief, detox, etc.). To complete a ritual finish, both feet are dipped into our amazing paraffin wax.

Regular Pedicure  

All spa pedicure consists of toenails shaping, cuticles grooming, calluses exfoliating, and a salt scrub. To end the pedicure, we will apply a lotion for a soothing, relaxing massage. regular polishing is included. Add a hot paraffin wax for an extra $5

Deluxe Pedicure  

Spa Pedicure treatments with bath sea salts and sea salt scrub that exfoliates tough callus. Also, a colling foot mask is applied with hot towels wrapped to work their magic. Finally, Creative Lotion will be applied for a rejuvenating massage. Special: Includes your choice of hot paraffin wax or rock massage.

Luxurious Organic Pedicure  

Start off with minty, refreshing bath salts concentrating on the soles of the feet. Relief begins with a specializing sea salt scrub followed by the sea salt glow to exfoliate the legs. Next, a cooling foot mask is applied and wrapped in warm, hot towels to work their magic. Finally, a paraffin hot wax covered with heat mitts to leave the feet with a sensational feeling. Hot rocks massage and special oil are used instead of lotion to leave a smooth, rejuvenating.

Sea Salt Scents


Pink Grapefruit  


Ginger Pear  

Green Tea  



Pina Colada  









Creative Lotions

Pear & Dandelion  

Honey Suckle & Pink Grape  


Apple & Cinnamon  

Mango & Coconut  

Black Cherry & Nutmeg  

Wildflower & Cham  

Tangerine & Lemongrass  

Bricth & Mint  

Peach & Ginseng  

Cucumber & Aloe  


Body Waxing

Eyebrows (starting price)  

Upper Lip  


Eyebrows, Upper Lip & Chin  


Under Arms  

Half Arms  

Full Face  

Lower Legs (From ankle to knee)  

Full Legs  

Bikini Wax  


Eyelash Extensions

Separate Flares  

Separate flares are more natural looking than one strip lash. They provide a subtle flare to the lash line. They can be combined with all-over eyelash extensions.

Individual Flares  

Individual flares are the halfway versions of separate flares & individual strands. They provide a flirtatious natural look.

Individual Strands  

Individual strands are the most natural looking among all types of eyelash extensions. They are similar in concept to hair extensions. They are directly applied to existing eyelashes for added volume and length.